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Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue located at Willowdale Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The rescue started with 2 miniature horses who were rehomed to us in January of 2016. In five years we’ve grown our rescued and rehomed animal family to over 40 critters, and we have no plans to stop there! That is why created an official nonprofit animal sanctuary in 2020 and moved to Willowdale Farm in June 2021. Here is our story:

The Gedicke and Peck families owned and operated a campground in Hayes, Virginia for 16 years. The campground started adopting barnyard animals in need of a new home in 2016. As our herd grew and requests to take in more animals increased we realized our animals needed their own dedicated organization. Therefore, in January of 2020, we created a nonprofit animal sanctuary. As a nonprofit, the animal sanctuary is eligible for grants. We can also create fundraisers and supply drives to help house, feed, and care for our growing flock. In addition, as an animal sanctuary we are be better situated to work with and adopt from animal control, humane societies, rescues, and other sanctuaries.

Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary is currently home to over 40 animals. 

In June 2021 Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary relocated from Hayes to Willowdale Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Once the CCAS animals have settled in at their new home, CCAS will establish a traveling petting zoo and pony rides program as part of our continuing fundraising efforts. Follow Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary on Facebook to stay up to date on our transition to our new farm, new sanctuary animals, farm improvements, and traveling schedule.

Thank you for your support as we continue our mission to provide animals with a loving, forever home.

For animal intake, donations, farm visits, and more information visit us at

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